Sisung Securities Corporation

ClearStructure Financial Technology LLC, providers of a leading portfolio management platform, announced today that Sisung Investment Management, a New Orleans based asset manager, has successfully implemented ClearStructure’s Sentry PM™ to support both the fixed income and equity areas of their asset management business.

“We are excited to be working with Sisung and to provide our cloud-based portfolio management system, Sentry PM™ to help automate Sisung’s workflows and deliver greater efficiency to their operations” said Jeremy Hintze, COO of ClearStructure. “ClearStructure takes pride in our ability to understand our client’s needs and to deliver solutions which save time via automation while decreasing operational risk.”

Accessing information more efficiently means that our clients get their data faster… Our clients return on investment and their customer experience are the motivation for everything we do. This was an easy decision.

Lane Sisung, Managing Director

In selecting a new portfolio management system, Sisung was looking for a single platform to handle their various asset classes to replace an outdated industry solution which had been in place for over a decade. For Sisung, it was important that the new system handled multiple workflows and automate trade capture, reconciliation and notification. In addition, easy access to performance and flexible reporting was essential. “We were at a point in our growth where our current system was not effectively handling our needs. In selecting the Sentry PM™ system, we were impressed by both the flexibility and breadth of the functionality” said Lane Sisung, Managing Director at The Sisung Group.

As part of the implementation, ClearStructure converted over fifteen years of historical data and configured multiple links to Sisung’s custodians, administrators and other data providers. Lane Sisung added ”With the various links, automation and the flexible reporting tool, Sentry has allowed us to automate many manual processes and has saved us significant time.”

About The Sisung Group:

The Sisung Group is a New Orleans, La.-based conglomerate of related companies dedicated to providing superior services in the areas of investments, capital raising, real estate development, business development, consulting and project management services. The Sisung team includes professional staff and advisors comprised of former government and financial institution officials and experts in the fields of business, economics, finance, investments and tax law. The group consists of four core companies that provide services to for-profit and nonprofit corporations, public sector entities, municipalities, foundations, high net worth individuals and trusts. The Sisung Group has served clients operating in the telecommunications, hospitality, print manufacturing, education, construction, healthcare, media and government service sectors amongst others.

About ClearStructure Financial Technology LLC:

ClearStructure Financial Technology LLC provides state-of-the-art technology solutions to the investment industry. ClearStructure utilizes its over fifteen years of direct experience serving trading desks, portfolio managers, operations teams and risk analysts to deliver refined solutions capable of meeting diverse needs. The firm’s products offer robust functionality and help users gain efficiencies in trading, risk management, compliance, reporting and operations for a broad mix of asset types. ClearStructure’s Sentry product suite is used by many of the largest and most respected financial institutions and investment firms in the world. Currently, ClearStructure has offices in Danbury CT, Houston TX, Valencia CA and London UK.