Regulated Utility Consulting

Standing ready to provide a balanced and solutions-focused approach to Regulated Utility Consulting

Grounded in a decades-long track record of success in finance, public infrastructure, and project management, the Sisung Group®, through United Professionals Company, LLC, offers Regulated Utility Consulting services that are unmatched in the scope of economic, finance, accounting, legal and community development expertise.
From offices in New Orleans, La. and Baton Rouge, La., United Professionals Company, LLC Regulated Utility Consulting team offers an array of services related to utility rate-setting, capacity certification, Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) membership, utility mergers and other utility transactions. United Professional Company’s balanced and solutions-focused approach is rooted in our deep understanding of issues and opportunities affecting citizens, corporate and government stakeholders.

A proven track record of results from a network of experts

Our team includes professionals with over 75 years of experience in the fields of Certified Public Accountancy, economics, tax law, mergers and acquisitions, transmission development, capital markets and others. As an example of our experience in Regulated Utility Consulting, we have provided consulting services on the following matters:

LPSC U-32538:  Joint Application of Entergy Louisiana, LLC, Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, L.L.C., Mid South TransCo LLC, Transmission Company 1, LLC, Transmission Company II, LLC, ITC Holdings Corp. and ITC Midsouth LLC for Approval of Change of Ownership of Electric Transmission Business, for Certain Recovery Adjustments, and for related Relief

LPSC U-32707:  Application of Entergy Gulf States, Louisiana, L.LC. for authority to Change Rates, Approval of Formula Rate Plan and for Related Relief

LPSC U-32708:  Application of Entergy Louisiana, LLC for authority to Change Rates, Approval of Formula Rate Plan and for Related Relief

LPSC U-33244:  Potential Business Combination of Entergy Louisiana, LLC and Entergy Gulf States Louisiana L.LC.

LPSC U-33434:  Joint Application of Cleco Power, LLC and Cleco Partners L.P. for : (i) Authorization of the Change of Ownership and Control of Cleco Power LLC and (ii) Expedited Treatment

LPSC U-33510:  Application for Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, L.L.C. For Approval To Purchase Power Blocks Three and Four of the Union Power Station and Request for Timely Treatment and Cost Recovery

LPSC U-33925:  In re: Atmos Entergy Trans Louisiana Rate Stabilization Clause (“RSC”) Cost of Service Schedules and Workpapers Test Year Ending September 30, 2015

LPSC U-34289:  […]Prudence Review of Cleco’s Installation of MATS Emissions Control Equipment at Dolet hills Power Station, Rodemacher Power Station Unit No. 2, and Madison Unit No. 3

LPSC U-33950:  Compliance Submission Regarding Deactivation of Little Gypsy 1, Ninemile 3, and Willow Glen 2 and 4, as required by Order No. U-3351

LPSC X-34324:  Audit of Purchased Gas Adjustment Filings for Trans Louisiana Gas Company and Louisiana Gas Service Company (Regulatory Divisions of Atmos Energy Corporation) for the period of April 2014 through March 2016

LPSC X-34341:  Audit of Fuel Adjustment Clause Filing for Entergy Louisiana LLC for the Period of January 2014 through December 2015.

LPSC R-32975:  Examination of Long-Term Natural Gas Hedging Proposals.

LPSC S-34959:  Pecten Midstream LLC Request to (i) Increase Rates for Transportation Service of Petroleum on its Delta Pipeline System, (ii) Revise Tariff No. 2.2.0, (iii) Reserve Right for Interim Rate Relief, and (iv) Expedited Consideration

LPSC I-33013:  Integrated Resource Planning (“IRP”) process for Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO), pursuant to General Order dated April 20, 2012

LPSC U-34742: Community Utilities of Louisiana Inc. and Utilities, Inc. of Louisiana – Request for Statewide Consolidation of Assets, Request for Uniform Rate Structure, Request for the Establishment of Formula Rate Plan, and Application for Adjustment in Retail Rates Pursuant to the Global Settlement Agreement Contained in LPSC Order Nos. U-34206 and U-34287, as well as Reservation of Rights to Request Interim Rates

LPSC U-34619: In re: Application of Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) for Expedited Certification and Approval of the Acquisition of Certain Renewable Resources and the Construction of a Generation Tie Pursuant to the 1983 and/or I 994 General Orders

FERC EL-18-142: Re: Arkansas Public Service Commission and Mississippi Public Service
Commission v. System Energy Resources, Inc., Docket No. EL17-41-001 and Louisiana Public Service Commission v. System Energy Resources, Inc., et al., Docket No. EL18-142 -000 (Consolidated) (Cost of Capital)

FERC EL18-152:  In the Matter of Louisiana Public Service Commission v. System Energy Resources, Inc. and Entergy Services, Inc. (Termination of Sale/Leaseback and Inclusion of FIN48 ADIT in Rate Base)

FERC EL18-204:  In the Matter of Louisiana Public Service Commission v. System Energy Resources, Inc. (Capital Structure)

FERC EL17-2219:  System Energy Resources, Inc. submits tariff filing per 35.1: UPSA Amendment to be effective 10/1/2017 (Depreciation and Decommissioning Fund)

In these and other engagements, the services performed by our team of regulatory and utility finance and economics professionals have included:

Rate Related Services

  • Calculation of rate base, cost of capital, rates of return and appropriate capital structure
  • Examination of formula rates
  • Cost of service financial modeling and allocation
  • Rate Design

Mergers and Acquisition Services

  • Analysis of proposed mergers or acquisitions to ensure ratepayer benefit
  • Extensive negotiations with proposed parties
  • Recommendations on whether transaction is in the public interest

Capacity Certification Services

  • Review applications related to capacity need
  • Review the proposed capacity solution to be the lowest cost, reliable option

Regional Transmission Organization Advisory Services

  • Monitor and advise related to the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO)
  • Monitory and adviser related to the Southwest Power Pool (SPP)

Policy and Rulemaking Services

  • Quantitative and policy-related cost/benefit analysis
  • Management of public meetings processes and follow-up

Docket Management Services

  • Drafting and responding to information requests
  • Preparing and rendering direct and cross-answering expert testimony
  • Reviewing and analyzing term sheets
  • Drafting rules and policies
United Professionals Company, LLC and its team of qualified consultants stand ready to provide innovative insight and strategy development related to the global and local impacts of regulated utility issues and opportunities.