Healthcare Finance Consulting

Finding innovative ways for healthcare providers to maximize revenues and save on costs

In these times of rising healthcare costs and declining revenues, healthcare providers must strive to be innovative and work to maximize their revenues and save on costs. United Professionals Company, LLC has developed programs that assist healthcare providers such as individual hospitals, parishes, and others in maximizing the healthcare services they are able to provide. United Professionals Company has worked with the providers, their state Departments of Health and Hospitals and legislators to develop programs that assist healthcare providers in delivering their services.
Programs developed include the creation and implementation of innovative strategies utilizing state’s unused Medicaid Upper Payment Limit Caps (UPLs), Managed Care Actuarial Limits, Certified Public Expenditures (CPEs), Intergovernmental Transfers (IGTs).

Decades of healthcare consulting services spanning the United States

United Professionals Company, LLC has worked to develop Medicaid-focused revenue enhancement programs for hospitals, nursing homes, parish health authorities, criminal justice entities and ambulance service providers, amongst others.

Members of The Sisung Group® have participated in securing over $1 billion in financing for Louisiana hospitals and have managed over $250 million of hospital assets.

United Professionals Company, LLC, working in conjunction with public hospitals, collaborated with the state of Louisiana to develop and implement hospital supplemental payment programs. The hospitals represented by United Professionals Company, LLC were the first public hospitals in Louisiana to participate in such programs. In the first year of these programs, over $100 million in additional healthcare support has been was generated in Louisiana and the programs have continued to generate hundreds of millions more on an annual basis.