Providing financial and development services to organizations and individuals

The Sisung Group’s companies can offer financial and development services to corporations, small and medium enterprises, individuals, institutions and governmental agencies across the United States.

Sisung Securities Corporation

Sisung Securities Corporation (SSC), a Securities and Exchange Commission-registered broker-dealer, is a full-service investment banking firm that provides a range of financial services to public sector, corporate, nonprofit, retail and institutional clients.


Sisung Investment Management Services, LLC (SIMS)®, a Securities and Exchange Commission-registered investment advisor, can offer investment advisory services to corporations and public institutions as well as high net worth individuals throughout the United States.


United Professionals Company, LLC (UPC) is a consulting, program management, and business development company.

Sisung Capital

Sisung Capital, a Louisiana-registered capital company (CAPCO) and business and industrial development company (BIDCO), is a full-service venture capital firm.

Sisung Film Finance

Sisung Film Finance, LLC provides tax credit-based financing for motion picture production, distribution agreements, and foreign pre-sale agreements as well as traditional gap financing.