Capital markets group

Assisting government, nonprofit and corporate organizations with a range of investment banking services

The Capital Markets Group of Sisung Securities Corporation (SSC) provides finance services for government and nonprofit clients as well as for-profit businesses. These services include municipal and corporate underwriting, municipal and corporate financial advisory services, and mergers and acquisitions. This combination of public and corporate finance experience serves SSC well as the firm also works to develop public/private partnerships for projects that combine nonprofit, government and for-profit components.

Our staff includes seasoned corporate executives with extensive management and financial experience.

Our Capital Markets Group provides corporate financial services to for-profit corporate business clients ranging from start-ups to growth stage to those pursuing merger and acquisition opportunities. We value these relationships because we realize that small and medium sized businesses, often overlooked by commercial banks and large investment banking firms, can have unique business models that lend themselves to profitable opportunities.
SSC’s primary relationship with its public and private sector clients focuses on Underwriting and Financial/Municipal Advisory Services. More specifically, SSC has been retained to coordinate:
  • Analysis of financing needs and resources
  • Assessment of debt capacity and creditworthiness
  • Creative alternative financing structures
  • Structuring of financing to maximize efficiency
  • Recommendation of derivative financing tools
  • Presentations to bond investors and rating agencies
  • Obtaining regulatory approval
  • Selection of a financing team and issuer
  • Review of legal documentation
  • Oversight of official statement preparation
  • Monitoring of bond marketing and timing of bond sale
  • Aggressive marketing and sale of bonds
  • Investment of bond proceeds
  • Remarketing of variable rate bonds
  • Structuring of refunding escrow accounts
Additionally, SSC’s capital markets group has participated in a wide variety of financing, including:
  • Airport financing
  • Healthcare financing
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds
  • Pooled financing loan programs
  • Qualified Zone Academy Bonds
  • Forward delivery financing
  • Lease/leaseback financing
  • Asset securitizations
  • Variable Rate Demand Bonds
  • Private placements
  • State Aid Intercept Programs
  • Letter of credit financing
  • Special assessment financing
  • Student revenue financing
  • Parking facilities financing
  • Arena and stadium financing
  • Appropriation financing
  • Single family housing financing
  • Multi- and Single- family housing financing