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Sisung’s professional services

Sisung offers a myriad of complementary services.

build on each other

offering a myriad of complementary
financial opportunities.

financial and development services companies

The Sisung Group® is comprised of related companies that provide superior financial and development services to corporations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), individuals, institutions and governmental agencies.

SSC is a full-service investment banking firm that provides financial services to public sector, corporate, nonprofit, retail and institutional clients.

SIMS®, a Securities and Exchange Commission-registered investment advisor, can offer investment advisory services to corporations and public institutions as well as high net worth individuals throughout the United States.

UPC is a consulting, program management, and business development company. Our clients include for-profit and nonprofit corporations as well as government agencies, individuals, municipalities, foundations and trusts.
Sisung Capital is a full-service venture capital firm assisting in the creation, development and expansion of businesses and providing maximum opportunities for employment and economic growth.
SFF provides tax credit-based financing for low-budget and high-budget independent motion picture production, distribution agreements, and foreign pre-sale agreements.
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