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Venture Capital

Sisung Capital, LLC is a multi-stage venture capital firm that invests capital and resources in companies in need of funding for their growth and profitability. As a licensed Louisiana Capital Company (CAPCO) and Business and Industrial Development Corporation (BIDCO), Sisung Capital has primarily focused its investments in Louisiana and has raised and invested multi-millions of dollars in venture capital assets.

The professional managers of Sisung Capital pursue and invest in entrepreneurs’ projects in the early stages of a business line’s growth with the goal of providing investors with an excellent opportunity to generate exceptional returns. Accordingly, Sisung Capital has selectively provided capital to start-ups and emerging growth companies as well as expansion funding to established businesses.

Potential investment opportunities may call for assistance in the form of debt capital, equity capital or a combination of the two, and Sisung Capital is extremely flexible in its ability to meet the capitalization needs of its investment companies. In addition to capitalization, most investment companies are also in need of assistance in the areas of organization, market planning and consulting services. The Sisung professionals consist of experts in the fields of business, economics, finance, investments and tax law, as well as previously high-ranking government and financial institution officials with extensive business management and financial experience. The Sisung team thus consists of professionals who offer a broad spectrum of experience and skill sets that combine to help the companies that we work with thrive.


Professional Services

At Sisung Capital, we know how difficult it can be to secure venture capital. Our founder, Larry Sisung, is an entrepreneur who for over 25 years has worked to secure financing to launch new companies and to expand existing ones. Therefore, we understand the venture capital model not only from the investor perspective but also from the perspective of a company seeking investment. This dual perspective is what makes our commitment to investing the time and services of our professionals, in addition to debt and equity investment, all the stronger. This combination makes Sisung Capital uniquely equipped with the tools to assist companies in creating new products and services or expanding current operations.

Sisung Capital believes in its mission of servicing the entire spectrum of the business community. Accordingly, Sisung Capital makes small and large investments which range from start-up seed capital to the financing of product manufacturing and testing; provision of capital to expand into new markets; or production capital to respond to increased demand for products and services. Our investments may take the form of one or a combination of:

  • Mezzanine Debt
  • Equity Participation
  • Cash Interest
  • Payable In Kind (PIK) Interest
  • Bridge Loans
  • Strategic Partnership Alliances

When analyzing a potential business investment our managers review each potential transaction to ensure that the investment possesses the following:

  • An experienced and qualified management team
  • A unique product or service advantage
  • A plan of liquidity within a reasonable timeframe
  • A measurable positive impact within its business community

Experienced Assistance

In addition to the provision of capital, we utilize the experienced personnel of all of the affiliated companies within The Sisung Group to provide assistance in the management and operations of the companies that we invest in. In addition to many other services, examples of types of assistance that Sisung Capital may offer include:

  • Creation of strategic plans
  • Development of marketing plans
  • Streamlining operations
  • Site location assistance
  • Assistance with navigation of regulatory processes
  • Budget development
  • Financial modeling

We also provide our clients with access to our network of relationships with banks, accounting firms, insurance specialists, regulatory consultants and attorneys specializing in tax, intellectual property, real estate, securities law and litigation.

Sisung Capital operates with a team of experienced managers who manage venture capital investments in diversified businesses, helping them become the success stories of tomorrow. Sisung Capital has worked with companies operating in a wide variety of industries including telecommunications, print manufacturing, construction service, oil & gas, healthcare, media and government services sectors, amongst others.Business InvestmentsSisung Capital offers clients solutions that maintain the integrity of their companies while providing strong returns for investors. Sisung’s professionals act not only as facilitators, but also as mentors. Our experienced staff offers entrepreneurs practical advice on the various funding options we offer. Plus, the relationship continues long after initial funding has been secured, with Sisung Capital continuing to offer advice on financial planning, marketing and executive recruitment. These strategy sessions add value to the relationship on both sides, as Sisung learns more about the company’s future needs and the company continues to access the services of Sisung’s experienced financial professionals. Our ultimate goal is to grow business and wealth locally for clients, investors and the community as a whole.

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